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 We have 3-hour clinics for gymnastics and parkour at two locations. Details below..

Si View Community Center

Feb. 25th - 9:30am-12:30pm - Parkour Camp

April. 15th - 9:30a-12:30pm - Spring Break Parkour Camp

Register online at or call Si View Community Center at 425-831-1900 

Issaquah Community Center

Feb. 25th - 10:30am-1:30pm - Mid-winter break Parkour Camp

April. 15th - 10:30a-1:30pm - Spring Break Gymnastics Camp

June 3rd - 10:30a-1:30pm - Gymnastics Camp

JUne 10th - 10:30a-1:30pm - Parkour Camp

Register online at or call Issaquah Community Center at 425-837-3300 


Ages 6-12

Price: Check with the community center

Parkour's chief aim is to overcome obstacles fluidly, with strength, originality and speed. Make the landscape your personal obstacle course, a playground for strength, freedom, courage and discipline.  In this clinic, we'll perfect the 6 core skills: Tumbling, Hurdling, Landing, Leaping, Climbing, and Balancing.  Each child will be improve at their own pace and build their confidence through mostly man-made obstacles with safety mats. The activities by nature are high-impact but proper form and safe fun is the name of the game. Speaking of games, we'll be playing a lot of fun games like pirate ship and quiet ninja, among others.  Plus, new equipment for our free runners to use that we haven't brought to our class before.  All skill levels welcome. No experience necessary. 

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